Snow Days

Snow Days

If you work from home or have the ability to book spur of the moment, check the weather and book for a snow storm week.

Bring you snow gear and camera to take advantage of the photo moments of LBI in the beautiful snow.

Snowing and a blowing!

LBI The Winter Wonderland

Long Beach Island is a great getaway in the winter.  If you can watch the forecast and catch a snowstorm during your stay you will love it!  The quietness on the island is so peaceful and calming.

Before the storm, make sure you have the usual in the pantry.  Bread, Milk, and Eggs!  Just kidding! 🙂 By all means, grab your comfort foods, soups, stews, grilled cheese prep, hot chocolate and some yummy desserts!   

During the storm, snuggle in front of the fireplace with an engaging new book, or binge a TV series you have put aside because you needed a block of time to enjoy. Maybe you could write some well deserving letters to friends or family or get the games out and strategize your next move to win.

After the storm, grab a sturdy bag and head for the beach.  The ocean has likely been tossing up some interesting finds you can display and treasure or use for a craft.  If you like to cross country ski, this is the time to break them out!  If you are a shutter bug head down to Barnegat Light and capture some amazing photos of Ole Barney with the snow-covered trees framing its portrait.  Another great place is Holgate. Who know who you will bump into down here, a flock of Funky Ducks, a Snowy Owl, Mink, Muskrats, River Otters, Coyote or maybe a Red Fox?

 We hope to get you booked sometime! Large Groups 20-27 People Groups 6-9 People. 

Let me know your headcount we can sleep 6-27 let me know the number of bedrooms you need. 

9 bedrooms 4 bathrooms sleeps up to 27.
7 bedrooms 3 bathrooms sleeps 21. 
6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms sleeps 19. 
3 bedrooms and 2 baths sleep 9.(first floor only)
All options include the private use of the back yard and rooftop deck with hot tub year-round.