Holiday Rental

Holiday Rental

Do you long for the days that all of your family got together over the holidays?  Would you love to do it again but your house is too small?

Let us be your holiday house!  Bring the Aunt, Uncles and cousins!  Relive the past and reconnect!  Life is too short!  Get a family picture taken before everyone is too old to gather and enjoy a family reunion.

Give everyone a dish to make for the meal.  Our newly renovated kitchen will be a snap to pull off an old fashioned family style or buffet driven meal.  Remember the desserts? The breads and rolls made back in the day?  Our Thermador range has a steam oven to make those treats again!

We take 3 day minimum rentals during the holidays.  Let us help you get the family under one roof to reminisce and start a new tradition.

Please go to to see calendar and pricing to book with us.