THE Dining Table

THE Dining Table

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Come one. come all.  No one sits alone at our house!  We have searched for the perfect table to get the crew all in one room and at one table.  Sit at our banquet table and feast like kings and queens.  Our large table is 2 tables each with 2 leaves to put in or take out depending on your groups size.  Meals are a large task for big groups.  Some groups like family style, some like buffets.  The dining room is perfect for both.  The side buffet bar is perfect to put the food out for a easy walk through to serve yourself and sit.

When dinner is done, game night can begin on these 3 great tables.  The buffet and dining tables allow many groups to play different games to enjoy each others company and conversations.  Whether you like puzzles, cards or board games gathering and spending quality time with loved ones is accomplished here.




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